10 TV sets to buy in the near Future

Google TV puts a world of video, apps, websites and more on the big high-definition screen, and TV manufacturers bring you their most advanced Google TV  ideas for 2015.

Android TV offers the tantalising promise of an intuitive and widely adopted Smart TV UI standard, rather than the largely rubbish individual manufacturer efforts we’ve been putting up with for too long now. Google announced that it had reached agreements with Sony, Sharp, and Philips to include Android TV in their 2015 HDTV ranges, now even LG and Samsung seem to join the party, and  as we got used to already, both Samsung and LG seem to have a fixation with this bent screens, we can definitely expect more of those in 2015

Next year, watching TV is not only about internet access, its also about clarity, and with the market filling up fast with new and new brands offering the 4K technology (yes, the ones that have FOUR times the pixel density of your bog standard 1080p Full HD telly), we should expect a big decrease in the prices of 2015’s 4K TV’s, so if you are bragging now with your 1080 pixels Full HD TV, starting next year you’ll probably realize that you’re “old fashion”. So here are the best 10 TV sets to buy in the near Future in our opinion

Sharp 70 inch Class AQUOS 4K Ultra HD Smart TV
With the 70UD27, Sharp makes a bold statement: We can make good 4K, and we can make it for less. A handsome new design and a batch of picture-enhancing features promise…
Watch hit shows, timeless movies, and viral videos from Google Play, YouTube, and your favorite apps like Netflix. Android games shine on your HDTV with a gamepad.
Today’s well-populated landscape of entertainment options blurs the lines between TV and the Internet, but how do you make the most of it all? Google TV puts a world of video, apps, websites and more on the big high-definition screen, and LG brings you the most advanced Google TV you can buy.
Ultra HD with you in mind: the Philips 7800 series 4K Ultra-HD TV. Packed with features, it’s a feast for the senses combining stunning 4K resolution, Ambilight, 3D and Ultra-Slim dimensions to take your breath away.
the 1500$ Sony X850B 4K Ultra HD TV
Brilliant Colors, Unprecedented 4K Clarity for only $ 1,499 Four times clearer than HD, once you’ve seen sports, movies and your favorite TV shows in 4K Ultra High Definition, there’s no looking back. With Sony 4K Ultra HD TV, breath-taking detail is depicted with pinpoint accuracy for the most natural images. The TRILUMINOS display produces the widest color spectrum we’ve ever offered in a TV for stunningly vibrant colors. Quick TV start up and One-Flick entertainment will have you browsing through movies, TV shows, music, photos and apps faster than ever on a Sony TV.
UHD 4K HU9000 Series Curved Smart TV
The Ultimate Immersive Experience with Samsung Curved UHD 4K HU9000. Upscale Everything you watch to UHD 4K TV. Keep Current with Samsung Evolutionary TV. Discover New Content Quickly and Easily with Samsung Smart Hub
Panasonic-cheap 4k TV AX800 Series
Experience unprecedented image clarity 4 times higher than the standard pixel resolution of Full-HD with the VIERA AX800 Series for less then $ 2000
LG The Ultimate Display CURVED OLED TV
LG’s remarkably thin CURVED OLED TV opens up a whole new possibility of style and design with a depth of only 4.5mm thick at its thinnest point. The brilliant technology of OLED enables a simpler internal structure than conventional displays. With just two layers, the LG CURVED OLED TV is unbelievably lightweight and wafer-thin.
Loewe Art Apple app store ready TV
Enjoy the ultimate in quality from the design to the feature list. Combined with the full-HD panel, the 200 Hz picture repetition rate1 ensures precise motion reproduction and with the rich sound of up to 80 watts, you will enjoy a perfect audio experience. Define your personal favourites and access them directly via the Assist Media app home screen The Loewe Assist Media app is available free of charge in the Apple App Store.
Toshiba 58 Class Ultra HD 4K TV
The Toshiba 58L8400U has a large 57.5″ display and incorporates CQ 4K Engine video processing for upscaling lower resolution sources to near 4K quality.