Finding the perfect window treatments

A window treatment is an interior decorating element placed on, in, around, or over a window. With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect window treatments can be really tricky. Find inspiration for window treatments in every room in your home and for every taste. Would you go with elegant velvet drapes, or maybe shutters and sheers?

Let sunlight determine the right window coverings.
Depending on which direction a wall faces, each room gets different levels of sunlight throughout the day. Because of this, it’s best to purchase your window treatment based on the amount of natural light you actually want. If the room tends to be darker, try sheer curtains that offer a decorative touch but still let through plenty of sunshine. If a space gets blasted with brightness, go for thicker drapes or blackout blinds that will block light, reduce noise and help regulate temperatures. Don’t be afraid of layering various curtains and window treatments for more control and flexibility over natural lighting. Mixing textures and colors and adding a valance or cornice will create a custom, pulled-together look.






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