Each home says something, So does the office!

 WHAT DOES YOUR OFFICE DESK SAY? It is quite a cliché, the office place needs to be as formal as it can. And when it comes to élan and elegance, the office furniture receives an unequal treatment. It is like an afterthought when push comes to office desks, satiated with soberness, exclusive utility that doesn’t inspire creative thinking.

It has been followed like an old wives’ tale that a home is a reflection of people those resides in it. A person’s dwelling speaks about the person’s identity and nature, so does the office. Yeah we all know, all offices are clean unlike some people’s home, then how come? It is the furniture that speaks the language.

mr clark office desk

The furniture of the office, from desks to the conference tables, every little and large piece plays a significantly important role to the correct-N-proper functioning of an office place. Depending on the nature of the work, there is a multitude of furniture types used in an organization. The most substantial aspect applicable to the furniture type is that it must blend well with the décor. Moreover, the office desks rank high on the priority list of furniture pieces used in an office. Offering maximum functionality, the office desk carries a chief feature at basket bargain prices and provides a good amount of storage space.


Which office desk design suits an organization? How to choose a desk type?

There are a number of sizes, styles and desk designs available in the market. Also, different material types like steel, wood and even alloys are used to craft a desk. Owing to the inherent cost of the natural wood, the desks crafted from the natural wood are superior over others.

When availability is limitless, which one to choose is often confusing task! Apparently those checking out the office design pictures on Google, can make their needs accomplished at BAXTER, homing a fine and superior quality of Italian furniture. One cannot ignore the elegance, élan and style quotient delivered by the Mr. CLARK Roberto Lazzeroni desks. Compliance with the fastness of light and Compliance with the abrasion are Quality constraints of this type.


Tuscany Marina office desk


Processed naturally, the Tuscany Marina is a wonderful material with a potency to enhance the transparency and depth of the furniture. This material type plays really well with the shades and the reflections that come with the movement. Owing to the charming bright characteristic, the Tuscany Marina furniture is known to the world. The hot oil satin finish plays a significant role in providing the characteristic brightening looks to the material. This material comes out as leather finesse, which adapts to every external stimulus really well, generating a great play of colors.


The dimensions for the Mr. CLARK are:

  • Height: 78cm
  • Width: There are two models for width
      • 84 cm
      • 180 cm

**The desk comes with a base in natural Satin finish.