Lincoln Kayiwa and his Finnish Contemporary Designs

Unique 3D Printed Clothing Hanger

Lincoln Kayiwa is a designer from Finland and here are his latest Finnish Contemporary Designs. Depending on the topic at hand, the word contemporary can mean different things to different people.

Carat glasses by Lincoln Kayiwa
Rapidly emerging as one of the popular trends in the world of interior design, Finnish contemporary design is quickly becoming a sought after design for many for their use of a clean and uncluttered design. Characterized by the usage of a simple design with smooth surfaces to compliment its structure, contemporary design has much to be left open to interpretation.

Lincoln Kayiwa Faith candle holder

According to Lincoln the multi-purpose Faith may be used as a candelabrum, a walking stick rack, or a flower vase depending on the varied thickness and dimensions of its shell. When using it as a vase or a candelabrum, he recommends the use of floral aquapics and non-drip candles, respectively. Faith comes in porcelain, gold and silver.

Unique 3D Printed Clothing Hanger

Working in conjunction with Materialise NV, Kayiwa recently launched his 3D Printed DINO clothes rack. The product is conceptually interesting and functional, as the hangers are suspended along an electro-polished, stainless steel bar with spacers in between to keep them organized.

Lincoln Kayiwa Finnish Contemporary Designs

The contemporary designers are inspired by everything that surrounds us. They have the amazing ability to give furniture pieces the shapes of various living things and objects that we see and use. Given this, contemporary design furniture does not require any ornamentation at all. The beauty is in the forms and in the minimalist stylized details.