Made in China, inspired from the future: The SQN1‐F2 A Chair

Zhang Zhoujie never heard of design till he grew up. His father was a calligrapher and taught Zhoujie to paint the day-to-day scenery of rural China. Zhoujie’s fantastical furniture brings to mind digitization and galactic travels.  It’s near impossible to imagine that these futuristic designs came from a boy trained in classical arts in rural village of Ningbo, China.

The amazing SQN1‐F2 A chair incorporates Zhoujie philosophy that design should be spontaneous, like poem and emotions. The SQN1‐F2 A is digital chair with a fractal beauty. Every single triangle has a unique shape and size, precisely fixed together by hand and a special technique is used to join the triangles without creating a welding flaw.

The Limited Edition of 12 chairs is available in Stainless steel or Titanium.



Mirrored-titanium-stools-in-fractal-forms Stainless-steel-futuristic-chair ultra-modern-mirrored-chair