Vela Quadra Kitchens by designer Ferrucio Laviani for Dada

Vela Quadra Kitchens

Vela is now history, a classic. It has had so many lives, and it changes to be always equal to the task. This series is called “Vela Quadra”  and has been conceptualized by designer, Ferrucio Laviani.

The exclusive work top is fully integrated into the bridge structure of the table, while the compact storage block is characterised on a formal level by the material and design of its front surfaces. Innovative construction, functional and aesthetic solutions provide a personalized project. The sky is the limit these days when it comes to how elaborate the concept can be thanks to the specialized manufacturers  from Dada offering designer kitchens that seem far beyond their time.The collection gained an unparalleled popularity within this modern age, thanks to its refreshing, gorgeous appearance and functional, user friendly designs. They’re typically characterized by minimalist designs as well as the usage of geometric, linear themes. 


Vela Quadra kitchens catch your eye immediately with their cabinets. The design tends to feature clean, minimalist cabinets that have a frame-less construction. Doors with a high-gloss finish are a great way to complete the look and get that smooth, expansive, bright feel that the best modern kitchens have. Similar to a restaurant kitchen, the focus of the functional contemporary kitchen is one that makes the area as useful as possible without catering to minimalist values. Whether eye catching or not, the decor of the functional kitchen is there to serve the needs of the chef and his endeavors into food cooking and preparation.

vela dada kitchensDada kitchens are a synthesis of modern, sophisticated Italian design with innovative technological solutions. The small woodworking craftsman workshop was founded by Angelo Garavaglia in 1926 and sice then it evolved into an internationally renowned brand, part of the Molteni Group.

 The Molteni group is one of Italy’s leading international furnishings companies. It consists of four companies, each one at the forefront of its sector: Molteni&C SpA (home furnishings), Unifor SpA (office furnishings), Dada SpA (kitchens) and Citterio SpA (office furnishings and partitions). Molteni offers global furnishing in Italy and in over eighty countries all over the world.