Wave City Coffee Table by Stelios Mousarris, inspired by a dream

Wave City accent furniture design ideas

Wave City Coffee Table by Stelios Mousarris is a well balanced mixture of wood, steel and 3D printed technology. The table illustrates an urban sidewalk scattered with skyscrapers that seemingly lifts into the air and finally folds back onto itself in a single, continuous curve

mousarris amazing j table

The 2010 film inception brought viewers into a world where dreams could be manipulated, controlled and coordinated by the dreamer. this scenario allowed characters to build entire cities using their minds, ones which could defy the laws of both gravity and reason. The city-bending scene inspired Cyprus designer Stelios Mousarris to build the Wave City Coffee Table, a visually stunning and impossible-looking creation showing a wood city in a “J” shape with the buildings facing in. Some of the buildings are right-side up, while others defy gravity and face sideways or down.inception ispired furniture


Mousarris is fond of unusual furniture items. The designer also created seating made from rugs that hold their shape and a chair that is both see-through and solid.Wave City Coffee Table

You can imagine a little Leonardo DiCaprio and tiny Ellen Page walking through the coffee table city’s streets, fascinated by the moldable nature of the creation. You can almost hear Page’s dialogue as she says, “My question is what starts happening when you start messing with the physics of it?” The answer is, this coffee table.

A coffee table is an important piece of living room furniture. In fact, it can make or break your living room’s design. So when looking at new living room furniture, you’ll want to find something unique, a blend of coffee table and art. A beautiful example of the elegant and complex pieces that can be created by 3D printing and in more than ‘just’ plastics. This particular design  builds on Mousarris’ history of creating pieces that defy the forms expected of the materials with which they are produced.